Sports and Tourette

In this post, I would like to talk about the connection between sports and the Tourette.

Over the years, my friends and family have consistently told me that I need to do sport because it could help with the Tourette. It would make it better and would provide an outlet for the tics instead of other places. I must admit that I didn’t give it a chance like I should have because of being a workaholic. I think that is more of an excuse than a legitimate reason and I need to start doing more sports.

Not all the sports are good for me because stress is a trigger for the Tourette to raise its head and I don’t have enough strength to hold it inside of me. The competitive sports like basketball only make my tics worse because of the tension, and it doesn’t relax me but rather vice versa.

I used to play basketball, but it didn’t help because my tics got worse during the games and I always sprained my ankle. During the games, the tics were showing, and I couldn’t stop them. Also after the game, I had more tics, and in my opinion, it was because of the stress that there is in basketball. It made me think that it’s not the sport that I need to relax my system.

When I used to ride my bicycle, my tics were gone, and I felt relaxed and calm. I used to ride in the desert and enjoyed the silence and the beautiful landscape of the desert. I get this fantastic relaxing feeling when I ride in the vast area and the silence of the desert which also lasts afterward for a long time and  I should do it more. I know that I need to do it, but I find it hard to go out and to ride alone, and I am too lazy in that aspect and should improve it.

I started to do walks in the evening but lately, I stopped it for some reason, and I need to start doing it again. I will begin doing walks because it helps me and makes me feel good afterward. I think that it helps because of the same reason that riding the bike helps me which is that it is a constant movement that relaxes my system. In these kinds of activities, the continuous motion helps to release the Tourette and the tension that gathers up in my system.

I used to do some swimming a couple of years ago, and I found it relaxing, and it helped me deal with the Tourette. The main problem is that I get bored very fast and after a couple of lengths of the pool I lose interest, and then I stop. I find it very hard find the motivation to keep at it. If I find a way to get over the bored feeling that I have, then maybe I will come back to it.

In conclusion, there is a connection between Tourette and sport which is a healthy one. For me, not all the sports have the desired result, and I found that riding on bicycles or doing walks are the best ones for me because it is in motion all of the time. I need to do it more to help my body and soul deal with the Tourette.


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