My Work Ethics

In this post, I will like to talk about my work ethic and how it affects my Tourette and how I try to deal with it.

As I grew up, I always looked up to my parents and admired them as they gave us everything that we ever needed and worked hard for it. They are still working hard and are very professional at their job. They work long hours, giving all of themselves. And this is what I have learned from them.

I have always worked hard and put in long hours. First in my job in the army and then in my work with the interns and the schools in the moatza. I remember that in the military they had to kick me out at the end of the day for me to go home. I felt obligated to my squadron and didn’t want to go. And now, with my current work, I am also giving all of myself and am working long hours when needed, especially during the summer when the schools start to get organized for the new school year.

I learned that you need to be a professional at your position to succeed. I always like to work hard because it gives me satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment and I feel that I have earned the respect of my bosses and co-workers.

I always take my job seriously and try to be the best professional person that I can be. I am always honest in my work, and if I make a mistake, I tell about it right away and do not try to hide it. I think that this is very important and it shows that you care about your job.

Most of the time, it doesn’t go well with the Tourette. Usually, after I work too hard, I find myself exhausted and don’t have enough mental powers to deal and contain the Tourette which makes the Tourette raise its head and my tics to appear. Most of the time I find myself coming home mentally drained and without any strength left in me. Lately, I try to listen more to my body and take breaks during work when I see that I start to be too tired and have a problem containing the Tourette. I must admit that most of the time it doesn’t succeed and my bosses and co-workers need to tell me and force me to take breaks.

In conclusion, I love working hard and most of the time too hard, but it’s my nature, and I have tried to change it but without success. I try to be a professional and to make my bosses pleased with me. I think that I took a lot of good things from my parents and this is one of them.

I know that this hard work and long hours isn’t good for the Tourette. I will try my best to change my habits and to take more breaks and come home earlier. I think that I am on the right path, but I still have work to do on myself.

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