Tourette and My Mission

In this post, I would like to talk about my exposure in the blogs and also the short television documentary that I participated in.

At the start, I was afraid, and I had a lot of concerns about this move and if I am strong enough to do it. I never open myself this way, and it’s a new uncharted area and feeling that I never felt before. I remember that in the first post in the blog, after I wrote it, I had second thoughts about doing it. I thought maybe it’s the wrong thing for me and I am not ready to do it but I took a couple of long breaths and I decided to go with it. I also thought of my sister and the fact that she suggested it to me and I put my faith in her that it will be good for me because she is usually right.

I must admit and be sincere and to give her credit because she was right. All the comments that I get on the facebook and from people and friends fill my heart with joy and an uplifting feeling. I found it that it is a great salvation for my soul and it helps me to deal with the Tourette and to share my insights with the world. When I write these things, it helps me see things clearer and to deal with the Tourette better and release this amazing feeling that I can overcome it.

When Channel one approached me last week with a request to film me and to interview me about the Tourette, I agreed right away even though I was afraid and had concerns about this move. I think that if I can share my experience with society and raise the awareness, I will be thrilled to do it. I must admit that I am still a little afraid and still have some concerns about it that I have learned how to overcome.  I also made a decision that I won’t cave into the Tourette and will overcome my fears and do what I want and won’t run away from challenges because of the Tourette or my fears. To be honest, I am not there yet, but I am getting there slowly.

Also, when I was in the army, I was a part of a short documentary on channel one that they did about the Tourette. I was one of the three people who participated. The other two were a kid and an adult. I remember after I did it I felt the uplifting feeling and the comments were amazing. I still have it on my computer. I had the same fears like I have now but I managed to overcome them and afterward I had an uplifting feeling.

I see it as a mission that I took on myself when I started the blogs and this is an extension to this. I would like to see myself as a fighter that helps raise the awareness of the Tourette in Israel. If I can help other people with Tourette to deal with it better or the society to understand the Tourette better, then I think that this exposure is worth it. I believe that we still have a long way to go before we reach the goal but we are on the right path.

I must be honest and sincere that now I am stronger than I was two years ago and even a year ago. I don’t think that I had the strength then that I have now to overcome all my fears and my concerns and to do it. It took me a lot of work on myself and I think the blog is a significant part of my healing and strengthening process that I am going through but still have some work to do.  During this process, I found my inner strength that I nurture, and it helps me overcome my concern and fears.

In conclusion, I still have work to do to be the strong man that I want to be, but I am on the right path. I see the blogs and the articles as a mission of raising the awareness of the Tourette in Israel and I feel fantastic from all the comments that I get. I hope that I will get more opportunities to share my insights and feeling about the Tourette. I hope that this blog and the article will help people with Tourette to be a part of society and that the society will accept people with Tourette as a part of the community. If this will help, so I think that I will be delighted and my soul will be complete.


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