The Soul and Tourette

In this post, I want to talk about my soul and the Tourette, that there is a Symbolism relation between each other.

My soul has been bleeding from the inside out for a long time because of the Tourette, which gave me scars that haven’t healed completely yet. There are a couple of songs that talk about it that has a lot of meaning for me. The first one is an Israeli band that is called the Jews which says “the life has given me some scars” and “I envy the person that has God because mine I don’t find.” The second one is Berry Sakharof’s song: “It’s like a devil that hugs you and doesn’t let go and is always hungry” or the line “we are two, the enemy that is a friend.”

Also, there are great songs of Pink Floyd that talk about it which is called “Wearing the inside out” and “keep talking” and “comfortably numb” that profoundly affected me and they have other great songs.

When I hear these songs or other ones that talk about it, it gives me a chill that goes through all of my body. These songs have a meaning for me in the aspect that they are talking about the inner strength that you have that leads and guides you through life, which in my case is fragile now and I am in the process of building it up again. Every person calls it by a different name but it’s essentially the same for everyone and it’s what drives the soul and what gives you the strength to handle all the things that life throws at you.

I love to hear music that means something and talks about the feelings that I have during my life and the experiences. I don’t connect to today’s music which most of it is pop without any meaningful lyrics. I find that a good music that fuels the soul and the inner strength which helps me deal with the Tourette is music that I can listen to and connects to my soul at a higher level.

There are bands that even today, like the “Jews” or artists like “Berry Sakharof” or “Shalom Hanoch” in Israel music and in English music a lot that I love. When I hear these kinds of music, it gives my soul the power that it needs and the fuel to continue the battle against the Tourette. It’s important for me to try to give my soul all that it needs because it’s the fuel and the engine that drives me during this not simple and challenging life with the Tourette. The soul in life is like the machine in the car, and if we don’t take care of it, we will break down.

I am not a religious person and am on the opposite side, but there is something in the soul of the person that I can’t explain which gives me the ability to deal with what life throws at me. Also, I found that there is a direct connection between my situation of my soul and capacity to control and handle the Tourette. I will deal and will live with Tourette anyway because I don’t have a choice and it’s a part of me.

My biggest challenge, as I see it, is how to live my life as best as I can and to have a fulfilled life despite the Tourette. I think that as my soul will be happier and most of my scars will heal I believe that the quality of my life will get better. I put this as my goal to overcome all the obstacles and all my fears. I think that by doing that my soul will be more complete and my life will be better and richer.

Links to the songs that I mentioned:

The Jews

Berry Sakharof

Pink Floyd – Wearing the Inside out

Pink Floyd – Keep Talking

Pink Floyd – Comfortably numb


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