Tourette and Social Networks

In this post, I want to talk about social networks and how they can be used to connect people with Tourrette and spread the message and help in the awareness of Tourrette.

Social networks like Facebook are making the world into a global village network and can connect people from all around the world. With Facebook, you can connect to anyone or create a group of people that share the same common thing or topic, like I did when I founded the group about the Tourette in Facebook that grows all the time and right now we have 43 members.

This group I established with the help of Anat from the Israel organization of the Tourrette, and it’s a secret group. We did it this way to protect the people that are inside. When I talked with Anat, I opened this group so that people with Tourette will have a place to share their experience and feelings. I am glad that we opened it and see it growing. It was imperative for me to open this group and I use it to share and get strength from it. Also, it helps me to share with people that have Tourrette and know what I feel and share the same difficulties.

I think that Facebook if you use it correctly, can be a fantastic tool to transfer a message worldwide. It can also be used to establish a connection between people with a similar agenda and similar intention. It is a fantastic tool that can be used for great things if you harness it to your goals and use it correctly.

In the 20th century, the social network took centre stage, and in my opinion, in the next century, it will only get bigger and bigger. Already a lot of working places and organizations are looking on Facebook when they are recruiting people. Also, a lot of organizations use Facebook to spread events or messages that are related to the organization’s agenda. Facebook has come a long way from the days that it was competing with Myspace on the Harvard university servers. I don’t think we have seen the end and it will only develop more and take more control of our lives than it already has. It’s the way that we connect to each other, and it makes the world a small virtual village that has no borders. You can reach a lot of people from your couch without leaving your house. In my opinion, the use of social networks will only grow and take over our lives, but the question is how we will react and if we are smart enough to use it to achieve our goals.

I think that social networks and Facebook, in particular, are the best way to spread the word about Tourrette. We need to harness it to our goals and our benefit, and we can reach a broad audience and help educate society about Tourrette through it. Hopefully, it will help people with Tourrette to blend into society.

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