Tourette and Music

In this post, I want to talk about the effect that music has on me. It helps me relax and eases my Tourette.


I found that there is a healing connection between music and relaxing the soul, which also leads to relaxing of the body. When I have a lot of tics or my Tourette is bad, I put on music and after a little while I get a relaxing feeling that gets into my soul and goes through my body. It makes my system more relaxed and makes me disconnect from my body and I feel like I have a spiritual feeling and experience. It’s like I am getting out of my body and my mind travels to a different place from the place that I am in and into a mental place that helps me relax my soul and body. I found that it helps me a lot and sometimes even more than pills, it works on the soul which affects the tics and the body, and when the soul is relaxed, the tics are also and the Tourette is more moderate, and I can control it. Music has an incredible power that we can harness for healing ourselves.


I find that there is a particular kind of music that helps in relaxing my soul and body when I have bad days, or I need to go to a problematic situation. It is rock music but not all of the rock. Especially bands like Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bob Dylan. These bands are my favorite and usually they help me relax and I like to put them on and hear them especially when I have a lot of tics or need to go to a stressful situation.


I found that there is a connection between the status of the soul and the Tourette. When the soul is relaxed, I can control my Tourette and tics. In all my years of living with Tourette and fighting it, I didn’t see it before. Only in the last year I found and acknowledged the connection. Before this year I didn’t connect between the two things and I went straight to the pills, which I now see was the easy solution but not the better solution. In the last couple of months, I came to this conclusion and realized it.


I need to listen more to my body and soul and start giving it what it needs, to give it the fuel that it needs. Like in machines that we need to put oil for them to work, our body and soul also need maintenance. The preservation of the soul for me is music and thinking positive and not stress out over things that don’t go my way. I think that mainly I need to manage a relaxed way of living and listen to music when my situation with the Tourette is bad. I found that music is the best medicine for my soul which affects the Tourette and my ability to control it.


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